Technical Writing

Traditionally, those who understand complex topics can have difficulty articulating them, but gifted communicators may lack technical knowledge and understanding.


My art is in combining both.


With a B.A. and M.A. in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge, many years experience working in technical industries, and six years' experience teaching science to all ages, I'm able to quickly understand complex concepts and communicate them in an interesting, engaging and accessible manner.


My work can range from a single-page flier to bring the benefits of a complex technology to an inexpert audience, to a 50,000-word technical training manual.

Case Study: Content Creation

I was approached by an established company delivering thermographic survey services and training nationally. They were involved in a major project delivering an entirely new training syllabus covering a mixture of technical and commercial material in specialist fields.


I initially worked with them to understand the scope and content of their envisioned training programme. Drawing on a variety of different sources of information, I wrote a complete 200-page training manual, targeted at making a complex, technical subject accessible to a non-expert trainee without a background in the field.


At all stages I consulted with the client to ensure the content and approach was consistent with their vision. I was able to advise on a range of potential approaches, drawing on pedagogical theory to produce a groundbreaking manual which exceeded the client's expectations.

Case Study: Technical Proof Reading

A Scandinavian company specialising in technical flight training for commercial airline pilots approached me to proof-read their training materials.


Although they had been written in a very technically competent manner by people with good English skills, as a native speaker I was able to turn the material into something written with a consistently high standard of English, whilst maintaining the full technical meaning, including the incorporation of industry-specific technical language.


With an international target audience, I made sure to use internationally accepted spellings and phrasing, rather than British English idioms. The outcome is that even though the original materials were written by non-native English speakers, the end result is flawless and highly professional in the eyes of an international audience.


David R French

07970 062008

Our media clients include:

BBC News

CBBC Newsround

The One Show

BBC Spotlight

The Times

Mail Online

Mirror Online

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