Video Production

We carry out a range of types of video production, using innovative technology and wide experience to deliver beautiful, outstanding results at a cost-effective price.

Training video produced for schools taking part in an educational programme with the charity Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots.

Corporate & Commercial

Before we've even started talking about corporate video production, you're probably already bored. Why? Because the corporate video production industry has for too long produced dreary, muzak-backed, visually uninspiring corporate doublespeak that in no way serves the interests of the business (and in some cases will actually drive customers away.)


If you've ever watched a corporate video and thought, "Well, that's five minutes of my life I won't get back," then you have our sympathy. We certainly have.


Our approach is different. Our preference is to use a documentary approach to allow your customers to tell your story in their own words, backed up by beautiful visuals captured using a variety of techniques. Your satisfied, enthusiastic customers are your best marketing asset; your potential market will trust their testimony and judgement.


Our productions are consequently interesting and engaging, and customers will trust the message in them and use this to make their own decision to invest in your product.


Don't underestimate the ability of a video to tell the powerful story of your business until you've seen what we can do.

Launch video for a local business. This was shot, edited, mixed, graded and output in a single evening - allowing the business to use it on social media the same night!

Event Production

We work with a number of blue-chip organisations such as NHS Cornwall to produce bespoke video of conferences and events. Working with expert freelance network camera operators and interfacing seamlessly with venue AV staff, we work efficiently to provide a very cost-effective event production service, from concept to final delivery.

Live Streaming

Imagine live-streaming your product launch or seminar live to a global audience, with broadcast quality and production values. Using the latest video mixers and streaming technology, we can make this happen - at a tiny fraction of the traditional cost of broadcast. Make your next event a global one!

Case Study

A rural business centre approached us with a view to better communicating the unique aspects of their business to potential customers.


Initially we spent time looking at various aspects of the business and understanding in their own words what they regarded as their unique selling points.


We then booked a 2-day shooting schedule, visiting a number of their customers in order to understand their relationship with the business centre and the benefits they achieved from being there. In each case we conducted informal, natural interviews, to capture a very naturalistic and trustworthy style of content. Each contributor gave us a number of unique viewpoints entirely in their own words.


Using broadcast-specification High Definition camera equipment we shot all the necessary visuals to accompany the interviews, then spent time in our own leading-edge editing suite to bring all components together to tell an interesting and engaging story.


Let's be honest - a business centre isn't on the face of it the most interesting of businesses to portray visually. However, the end result was a video both interesting and informative, which the business centre now uses on their website to actively help attract and recruit new customers in a competitive environment.


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Our media clients include:

BBC News

The One Show

The Times

Mail Online

Mirror Online

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